Welcome to my new website!  I was getting tired of the old talonsixaerial.com design and decided late last year that the site needed a facelift.  This was pretty painful (and I made it more painful for myself than it needed to be).

Prior to the redesign, I was on top of all Google searches for any combination of drone, photography, videography, Cheyenne, Fort Collins, et cetera.  This helped immensely and was bringing clients to me as recently as late December.  Here’s how I blew it all: I made my intentions known to WordPress.com that I was going to switch providers.  Wordpress dropped me like a hot rock.  I didn’t realize this until early January when an existing client called and asked if I was still in the drone photography business because my website was down and emails to talonsixaerial.com were being returned.

This had gone on for a week, during which Google’s search spiders crawled the site and found all these broken links and nonexistent URLs.  Down went my SEO rating.  In fact, it completely disappeared from Google searches.

I’m now slowly rebuilding my SEO status, but this takes time.  Blogging is part of improving SEO, so I’ll be back at it sharing my thoughts on drones, cameras, video, photo, and all the rest.

I hope you enjoy the new website and don’t forget to check out my gallery site!

  • Matt